Employee Discrimination and Guidelines

According to the EOCC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission), all employers in the United States are not allowed to discriminate against you for any of the following reasons: Transfers, layoffs, promotions or recalls Use of company facilities Fringe benefits Hiring or Firing Job advertisements Testing Pay, disability leave and retirement plans Compensation, classification and assignment of employees Apprenticeship and training programs Recruitment But, in order to be ‘illegally’ discriminatory, an employer has to be in violation of certain state or federal laws or statutes, or even the regulatory and constitutional provisions. Under normal circumstances, most employees or applicants are not protected from discrimination, however unethical or unfair it may be. For instance, if your boss is stricter with you than with the other employees for no logical reason whatsoever, though it might be considered as unethical behavior on the part of the boss, it is not considered to be discrimination by law. But if your boss is extremely strict with an employee for a reason that is protected by law, like age, race, sex, or religion, then this is illegal employment discrimination, especially

Books. Jobs That Require a Lot of Reading

Editors and proofreaders read the work of other authors or journalists. They correct and address the issues related to the work that include grammatical errors, sentence construction, spelling mistakes, quality, and accuracy of the content. Editors work for magazines, newspapers, book publishers, and websites, or can be self-employed too. Along with reading proficiency, they need to have excellent grammar and writing skills. Editors get to read various content and reading material, for which they suggest improvements and ideas to better the quality and readability of the content.

A lawyer too needs to read a lot. He is required to research and go through tons of reading material, to build up a case and argue his stand in a court of law. He has to look into minute details all the time, so as to come up with arguments or laws and terms that will help him with a case. If legal contracts, legislatures, patent filing, registration, preparation, and law books sound good to you, then this might be a suitable career for you.

Scientists and researchers have to be updated about

Opportunities and Career Prospects

A psychic medium is a person who can sense and mediate communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings.
Working as a psychic advisor can be very honoring. However, it is important to think and plan wisely before stepping into a psychic profession or any other job by knowing your abilities and skills. Some individuals have innate psychic skills and there are others who develop their psychic abilities through various types of training. They begin their career by foretelling the future of family and friends by giving readings to them, and subsequently switch to working as a professional psychic reader.

Psychic jobs can be related to astrology, dream analysis, eastern philosophy, spirituality, numerology, palm reading, past life readings, tarot reading, etc. People want to know about their careers, relationships, health, and future; and so they tend to seek psychic help. Thus this can be a good career opportunity if you are spiritualistic and have the ability to provide psychic readings.
Career Options in the Psychic Field
No academic qualification in particular is required for entering into this field. The skills

Careers That Involve Working With Babies

Babies are the most amazing creations of God. Working with them can be both, the most rewarding as well as the most challenging job. One needs to be extremely alert and sensitive while working with babies. This write-up is for those, who are ready to take up the challenge of working sensitively and respectfully with and for our society’s youngest members, and for those wanting to experience the sheer joy of working with fresh, developing minds.

Careers Involving Babies
Working with babies involves a lot of care and safety. Added to this, a special set of skills and qualifications is also necessary in order to be able to deal properly with the infants. The field of childcare has been growing since the last few years, owing to which, there has been an unprecedented increase in the number of people working in it. There is a vast array of careers to choose from.
nursery assistants
A nursery is a special facility, where children are taken in and cared for, while their parents are out, working. With stressed lifestyles and long working hours, many parents choose to leave their children in the baby nursery. A nursery assistant is a person who is responsible

Find Local Jobs that Match Your Skills

Finding a job is never easy, especially when the economy is still reeling under the after effects of recession. However, you can definitely save a lot of time and effort, if you know where to look for jobs, in your local area, which match your skills, education and qualifications. The following Buzzle article sheds some light on the right places to look for jobs…
Friends, Family and Ex-Colleagues
In many organizations, even before the jobs are advertised, the employees working there are aware of them. So, check with your friends, family or any past colleagues, whether there are any such job openings in the organizations they are working in. References from them, plus your skills and qualifications, will definitely help you in landing a good job.
Internet is the best place to find a job. There are numerous websites which will help you find the jobs based on your skills. Internet is a great place to network with professionals in your field too. You never know, some of these professionals, who might be working in some other city, may help you find a job in your local area.
Most of the companies today have their own websites, on which

Outdated Job Search Advice You Should Stop Following

Looking for a job is one of the most dreaded activities of the big, bad world when a fresher steps into it. But whether it is trying to get rid of the “fresher” tag, or changing jobs or careers midway through life, looking for a job becomes an intricate dance of knowledge, assessment, networking, and searching. There are several ways to go about it, one of which are the suggestions we encounter from well-meaning friends and family members. In desperation, a job-seeker might follow all the random, half-baked advice that is thrown his way, and cannot distinguish between useful advice and the detrimental kind, all because it comes from someone they tend to trust, or just want to try everything. Thus, the job seeker ends up committing several gaffes that may reduce his chances of landing that dream job.

In order to be a well-rounded job applicant, one may do well to remember to flow with the times and change according to changing trends.
Tactics and Techniques of Application
Every organization has their own modus operandi for recruitment. Trying to go against it to show how unique you are is not wise. Depending on the kind of job applied for, tactics

Ideas to Make Money from Home

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were lazing around on your couch all day, watching movies, eating popcorn, and yet making money, all from the comfort of your own house? Well, here’s some good news for all you daydreamers out there. There are, in fact, quite a few ways to do so, without even having to leave for once. Most of these jobs are Internet and computer-related; however, there are also a few non-technical options available. Let us explore the different possibilities through which homemakers, work-at-home moms, single moms, retired citizens, students, unemployed citizens, layoff victims, and almost anyone else can make money this way.

Become a Licensed Insurance Agent
There are several people who register themselves with insurance companies and become independent insurance agents. Many of them go about selling insurance from their homes, rather than indulging into field activities or working at the company office. It provides them freedom to work at their own pace and plan their work accordingly.
Hold a Garage Sale
Every once in a while, we come across stuff in our houses, which is outdated, obsolete, or totally unnecessary. Rather than letting such items gather dust within the attic, it is better to sell them

Video game tester jobs at home are the latest rocketing fuel to a fun career

It may be surprising to know for all those on the couch everyday with a gaming sunrise and sunset, that they can actually earn a living out of playing games. The passion for gaming can fetch you good opportunities from home. The video gaming industry is growing tremendously. And most of the companies are on the lookout for people with a sharp eye on every minute detail of the game, on any problem, error, flaw, or bug in the game that can be reported to the game designers immediately for modification before the actual release of the game. All this for playing the game thoroughly all day, and you get paid for it. And trust me, you get paid really well for it. For all video gaming freaks, this job gives you an access to the latest unreleased versions of every game or console for trial, plus all the benefits that will surely create envy. The best part is that you do not require a degree or course to get this job. All you need is the passion and skills. Yeah… it does sound like you have all the luck in the world, but though video game tester jobs from

Information About Work Medical Transcription

A medical transcriptionist can work from home or from a clinic or doctor’s office. As the name of the profession suggests, the person working as a transcriptionist should have thorough knowledge of medical terminology which includes words, phrases from various branches of medicine such as pharmacology, anatomy, physiology and diagnostic procedures, operation methods, etc. Medical transcription jobs from home involve converting verbal medical reports into the written electronic documents.
Medical Transcriptionist Job Description
A recent graduate or a high school diploma holder can become a registered medical transcriptionist after passing the test conducted by the Association for Health-care Documentation Integrity (AHDI). Though there are no established educational standards for transcriptionists, employees generally select those candidates who have undergone a one or two years training in a renowned institute.
Average salaries for the transcriptionists vary from state to state depending upon the experience and the lines written in a day. People working in other medical professions like nurses, may work as transcriptionists in the medical field, if they have a strong grasp of medical terminology.
These jobs provide good career options for women who wish to work from home, as they need to look after their children at home. They just

PHR Certification

PHR stands for ‘Professional in Human Resources’. It is a certification offered by the HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) and equips students/professionals to obtain an infinite knowledge in HR. While it is an optional test, it is always better to be a PHR-certified professional, as it helps you understand the intricacies of the field. The test is challenging, and it may be slightly difficult to obtain good grades if you do not put in a sufficient amount of hard work. In the paragraphs below, you will learn how to get a PHR certification.

A Background of the Human Resources
The field of ‘Human Resources’ (HR) is a vast island with a myriad of job responsibilities.
The basic responsibility is to help the people/organization in every way possible, making it easier for them to carry out their assigned tasks.
An HR manager can help create a good work atmosphere by helping to recruit and train the right employees.
It also involves being a people’s person, identifying the related skills in different recruits, and helping to combine the same with the technical aspect of the job.
HR managers hire people, get them settled in the organization, help assign responsibilities, and manage the overall

Manpower Planning, Staffing, and Management

Manpower management and planning is at the core of human resource management and deals with the organization and management of the human resources in an organization. It includes the process of selection of appropriate candidates as employees based on their skills, and making sure that they are smoothly fitted into their assigned roles and the overall system, thus ensuring a smooth functioning of the organization. Besides selecting suitable employees, manpower planning also deals with the process of upgrading the existing employees. Human resources are the most valuable asset of any organization as they contribute to the realization of its business objectives. It is the human resources who contribute their time and expertise to the welfare of their organization. Thus, the process of manpower planning and staffing is crucial to the business development of an organization. Personnel management is closely linked to manpower planning and management.
Manpower Planning
This is the first step towards manpower management. It refers to the process of using available assets for the implementation of business plans. It also involves the process of coordinating and controlling various activities in the organization. Effective manpower planning requires a careful assessment of the future needs of the organization. It involves

Find How to Start a Recruitment Agency

If you are seriously thinking about starting a recruitment agency, you can be sure that it is no cakewalk; but with proper planning, thought process, and execution, chances of a good, profitable business and success is a very high probability. For starting a recruiting business, a person needs to prepare proper business plans and predict various factors that can affect his business. He needs to take into account that there may be several economical ups and downs in the future which may prove risky to his business.

Nowadays, the income potential of a recruitment business is certainly causing many companies and independent businessmen to enter the workforce management field and earn good money. The main key is getting connected with employers as well as employees or candidates. The business may look fruitful on paper, but one needs to prove his practical proficiency as a middleman between companies and applicants. Let us now move our attention to few important tips on opening a professional hiring agency.

Starting a Recruiting Business

Recruitment Field Selection
The first step you need to look at is to sort out a list of all recruitment agencies in your area and determine an unfilled niche. You have to observe which

Qualities and Skills to Look for When Hiring Teenagers

Willingness to Learn
Lack of experience should not be a hurdle in the way to success, if a teenager shows willingness to learn. An employee who learns constantly is an asset for the company. Employers look for energetic and enthusiastic individuals who are always willing to learn new things.
Generally, employers hire teenagers for the inexpensive services that they offer. Employers know that they cannot expect the same quality of output from teenagers as compared to experienced staff members. Although the services offered by teenagers is inexpensive, employers usually find them unreliable. However, on the flip side, all the energy and enthusiasm that teenagers bring to a workplace can be of great advantage for the business.
Qualities to Look for When Hiring Teenagers
There are both advantages and cons of hiring a teenager for a job. Therefore, it is necessary to take few important things into account before you hire one. Here is a list of the qualities an employer would look for when hiring someone who is in their teens.
Professionally Dressed and Well-groomed

A professionally dressed applicant is more likely to get a job. The first good impression one can create on an employer is by dressing well. A


Self-employment is an uncharted territory for most people. Many a time, it is synonymous with huge initial investments without guaranteed returns for a certain period of time. Hence, most people don’t want the responsibility of running their own business. However, being a micro-entrepreneur does not have to be a costly proposition. The following ideas require less investment both in terms of time and money.

The Ideas

Massage Therapist

Becoming a massage therapist can be a great option for people who like healing others. A six-month certificate program in massage therapy can prepare a person for a fulfilling career in this field. This lucrative career allows a person to open shop right at home. A person can also choose to be on-call and charge an additional amount for the services rendered. According to the American Massage Therapy Association, in the year 2008, 36% of Americans opted for massage therapy in order to relieve stress. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects at least a 20% increase in the demand for these professionals before the year 2016.

Auto Mechanic

A short certificate course can prepare a person for a career as an auto mechanic. This is a great option for men who love pottering around in their garage.

Self Employment

I want to be my own boss. With no one to answer to but myself. With everything working as per my wishes. Every tiny thing! I want to make sure that I have everything under my control, so that it’s all done just as I like it!

I’m sure you’ve had this thought run through your mind at least once, sitting in your office cubicle, with a job that you don’t really enjoy. It is universally accepted that doing a job that you don’t like or have a passion for, is a waste of time, talent and money. Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to land a job that they enjoy. This makes them feel like they are stuck in a rut. Psychological problems, like depression begin to manifest themselves, because the person feels worthless since he can’t perform well at his workplace. Other people around him, too, get affected by this behavior. In such a case it is essential that you move out and do something which you like. Be your own boss and start your own venture.

Here are some great self employment ideas that have relatively low start up costs.

You paint in your spare time. You paint

The nature of seasonal unemployment

Seasonal joblessness is commonly termed as a seasonal employee layoff. A common effect is that a large group of people, in spite of a good amount of skill sets, routinely face unemployment at fixed time of the year. A further glance through this article will enlighten you about what this unemployment truly is and how to avoid getting affected by it.

Prominent Causes

It is often seen to happen in areas where there is a rapid change in seasons and climatic conditions. Similarly, a pattern of such unemployment can be seen amongst communities with limited occupational skills. Seasonal unemployment is also seen amongst migrant communities who take up certain short time work as a means of temporary source of income.

Seasonal Occupations
Agriculture is one of the most common occupation which has such unemployment as a prominent feature. It is a very common problem in countries that are primarily agrarian economies. Here we see a sudden surge in employment opportunities in agricultural areas during the peak sowing and harvest seasons. After the harvest period is over, the employment suddenly goes slack. However, the same employees may be hired as farm laborers in the next agricultural season.
In fruit picking industries, there is a

The causes and consequences of unemployment.

Considering the unpredictable nature of the economy, unemployment is something we may have to face at any point of time in our careers. The inflating world population, its mismatch with the number and kind of work opportunities available, and a decrease in the size of the educated class results in an economic imbalance, which is an important cause of unemployment. The closing down of businesses, or their reduced needs of manpower are among the other reasons. Apart from adding to the economic imbalance, unemployment leads to stress and dissatisfaction in the jobless and their families. Circumstances force people to remain unproductive, in spite of their capability to work. This has adverse effects on society. In the following sections of this Buzzle article, we will look at the causes and consequences of unemployment.


◆ According to the Keynesian economic theory, unemployment results from insufficient effective demand for goods and services in an economy. If the demand for a particular good or service falls, companies produce less. This causes a decrease in the demand for workforce, leading to unemployment. In this case, a company may reduce its employees or file for bankruptcy. This is known as demand deficient unemployment.

◆ When businesses experience a

Discrimination at the Workplace

Women have been forming a considerable part of the US workforce for decades now. Their efficiency to succeed professionally has been acknowledged all over the world. Irrespective of this, gender discrimination in the workplace still continues in one form or the other.

With better opportunities, more and more women are opting for financial independence by working towards a stable career. Today, almost every field that was earlier touted as being men-only, has been pervaded by women.

If a woman qualifies on the basis of all the requirements of a profession, then there is no reason why there should be any discrimination. Although laws have been passed in most countries to provide equal opportunities for both men and women, the fact is that ‘women and the glass ceiling’ still exists.

The Concept Explained
• Most countries allow for equal opportunities for men and women through the federal laws. For example, the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII, prohibits employers from discriminating against job seekers. It also protects discrimination against employees on the basis of race, religion, sex, pregnancy, and nationality.
• A recent study by the Census Bureau shows that women working earn 79% of what their male counterparts do. The statistics

Technical Writer Interview Questions You SHOULD Read

A technical writer’s work is to simplify the technical jargon and scientific language. His work includes documentation and even the designing of documents. Whatever product or service the company is marketing, a technical writer has to understand what the product is, how it works, its technicalities, the special features of the product or service, its advantages and disadvantages, and present them in a simple language to the user.

Your job will also include making brochures, pamphlets and newsletters, installation guides, providing online help, and dealing with troubleshooting of the documented product.

Technical Interview Questions

✔ What do you understand by technical writing?
Give the definition of technical writing which is, “Technical writing is the process of conveying technical or related information, in an easy-to-understand form, to the end user.”

✔ Do an outline for a document.
Understand the need of the document, and if needed, discuss the various aspects that the document will cover. Then, suggest a general outline with some additional fields that are not present in the standard format.

✔ How will you research on a certain topic?
You should visit reliable websites to learn more about the topic and its related topics. If possible, refer encyclopedias and research papers. If you know

Social Media Can Affect Your Employment Opportunities

Today, when social media has become an integral part of our virtual existence, many employers are resorting to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus accounts, and even personal websites and blogs to judge us. Even now, as you are reading this article, your prospective employer is probably crawling through all your social media accounts to gather more personal information that your resume will not divulge.

First of all, try to put your name in double quotes in Google search and see what results you get. If you yourself are not impressed by the search and image results, how will your employers be? You can also know about your social media influence and compare it with others using the ‘Klout score’. Now is the time to spring into some serious social media action and create a favorable online reputation. Your social media pages give away more information about your character and personality than you would ever imagine. Tweets or status updates about violence, controversies, racism, sexually explicit content, references to alcohol, drugs, swear words, and pornographic photos can deter your chances of landing a job at a good company. The key to achieving employment success through social media