Self Employment

I want to be my own boss. With no one to answer to but myself. With everything working as per my wishes. Every tiny thing! I want to make sure that I have everything under my control, so that it’s all done just as I like it!

I’m sure you’ve had this thought run through your mind at least once, sitting in your office cubicle, with a job that you don’t really enjoy. It is universally accepted that doing a job that you don’t like or have a passion for, is a waste of time, talent and money. Of course, not everyone is fortunate enough to land a job that they enjoy. This makes them feel like they are stuck in a rut. Psychological problems, like depression begin to manifest themselves, because the person feels worthless since he can’t perform well at his workplace. Other people around him, too, get affected by this behavior. In such a case it is essential that you move out and do something which you like. Be your own boss and start your own venture.

Here are some great self employment ideas that have relatively low start up costs.

You paint in your spare time. You paint to relieve the stress of your daily life. How about turning this passion for art into a mode of self employment? Yes, you can. Since it is your hobby, you’ve already developed it well. And you have access to all the material you need to make paintings. You can sell them at a local gallery. It might not seem very fruitful in the beginning, but it can pick up once you get established.


One of the best ideas that has no or a very low start up cost is coaching. If you’ve always been interested in sports and know a sport inside out, then why not try out being a sports coach? You can coach your neighborhood kids or a local sports club. Or get into coaching a school team if you can manage that.

If you’re an expert in dishing out awesome culinary treats, then why not make a living out of it? You can start a catering business by offering to cook for special occasions for friends or relatives. Then as the word gets around, develop it into a full-fledged business! Or if you have a specialty of your own, like a special cake or cookies that you have a unique recipe for, you can begin selling it and earn money by pursuing it as a passion.


If you have a flair for language and enjoy creative writing as a pastime, you can turn this into a lucrative career for yourself. Do some freelance writing for a local newspaper or magazine or even blog about things you want. This is also one of the best ideas as you’ll be happy with your job and will get paid for something that you enjoy doing. What more can you ask for?