Social Media Can Affect Your Employment Opportunities

Today, when social media has become an integral part of our virtual existence, many employers are resorting to our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Vine, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus accounts, and even personal websites and blogs to judge us. Even now, as you are reading this article, your prospective employer is probably crawling through all your social media accounts to gather more personal information that your resume will not divulge.

First of all, try to put your name in double quotes in Google search and see what results you get. If you yourself are not impressed by the search and image results, how will your employers be? You can also know about your social media influence and compare it with others using the ‘Klout score’. Now is the time to spring into some serious social media action and create a favorable online reputation. Your social media pages give away more information about your character and personality than you would ever imagine. Tweets or status updates about violence, controversies, racism, sexually explicit content, references to alcohol, drugs, swear words, and pornographic photos can deter your chances of landing a job at a good company. The key to achieving employment success through social media is that ‘don’t make public what is supposed to be private’. Want to know how social media can affect your employment opportunities with existing or prospective employers? Read this Buzzle article to find out.

Existence on Social Media
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As I said earlier, your social media pages will go beyond your resume to talk about you. Now imagine, if you do not have profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, what will this communicate about you to your prospective employer? It will largely speak that you are a person who is not abreast with the latest trends in technology, and are not keen to keep up with the changing times. Hence, it is important that you exist virtually through the various pages of social media websites. However, ensure that you do not put content which will speak against you.

Company Information
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Posting classified information regarding your organization’s latest takeover, acquisition, etc., can land you in some serious trouble. Tweeting details of your company’s proposed layoff plan can make you their first victim. Not only will your existing company ax you, but this ‘blabber mouth’ behavior will go in your social media history causing prospective employers to drop your application in the ‘rejected’ bin. Many companies today have very stringent social media policies which do not allow their employees to post negative things about any aspect related to them. Hence, understand the professional social media etiquette before posting anything related to your company or its employees.