Technical Writer Interview Questions You SHOULD Read

A technical writer’s work is to simplify the technical jargon and scientific language. His work includes documentation and even the designing of documents. Whatever product or service the company is marketing, a technical writer has to understand what the product is, how it works, its technicalities, the special features of the product or service, its advantages and disadvantages, and present them in a simple language to the user.

Your job will also include making brochures, pamphlets and newsletters, installation guides, providing online help, and dealing with troubleshooting of the documented product.

Technical Interview Questions

✔ What do you understand by technical writing?
Give the definition of technical writing which is, “Technical writing is the process of conveying technical or related information, in an easy-to-understand form, to the end user.”

✔ Do an outline for a document.
Understand the need of the document, and if needed, discuss the various aspects that the document will cover. Then, suggest a general outline with some additional fields that are not present in the standard format.

✔ How will you research on a certain topic?
You should visit reliable websites to learn more about the topic and its related topics. If possible, refer encyclopedias and research papers. If you know an SME (subject-matter expert) of that particular subject, consult him to gather more information.

✔ Have you ever created any user’s guide? Or something similar to it?
If you have created one, explain the steps that you have followed while creating it. If the user guide is available online, then you can produce it as a supporting document.

✔ What points are a must in a pamphlet? What should be avoided?
Your answer must include points like;
The target audience and the purpose of writing the brochure should be clearly understood.
The product description should be precise and easily understandable.
Ambiguous claims and complicated product description should be avoided as it will confuse the end-user.
✔ What are the goals of a Technical writer?
You must elaborate on the following points;
To help the end users/customers to find suitable technology solutions.
To create useful documents that provide maximum information related to the subject.
✔ Explain the concept of SDLC and DDLC.
Give the definition of SDLC and DDLC which is, SDLC is the software development life cycle which is a collaboration of a series of steps that provide a model for the development of an application or software. DDLC is the document development life cycle which is a collection of phases used by technical writers to create a good and informative technical document. DDLC runs parallel to SDLC.

✔ How can you write a user manual?
Mention the steps like;
For writing a user manual, you must know your product first.
Then, the reason behind writing the manual should be clearly understood, and an audience analysis should be done.
Further, the manual should contain all necessary sections like table of contents, index, figures, and appendix.
Once this is done, you must proofread the document and then publish it.
✔ What is meant by Audience Analysis? How do you carry it out?
State the definition as, Audience analysis gives an idea regarding your target audience and will help in writing the manual. First the characteristics of the audience should be known by interacting with the end-users of the product. Then, the educational and professional background of the audience should be studied, in order to know their proficiency level in that particular subject. The purpose of the document can be discussed with the target audience. On the basis of these analysis, the document can be created.